Frequently Asked Questions


The first step to the home-buying process will be to consult a Realtor. A Realtor will be able to determine if you'll need to be pre-approved by a lender or if you're ready to start home-shopping.

Realtor fees or commissions are negotiable. In some cases Seller offers commissions to both buying and selling agent. In other cases buyer compensates their own agent based on their own agreement. It is important to discuss this upfront when hiring a Realtor.


Contact your Realtor for a market analysis on your home. Realtors are trained and educated to follow market trends and study values. A Realtor can quote you current market value at any time saving you appraisal fees.


Costs to purchase a home vary from transaction to transaction. However, the standard costs normally include a home inspection, appraisal, and closing costs.


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